Video Marketing For Lawyers – 19 Questions To Ask Your Video Production Company

No matter where you look these days, companies are using whiteboard animations and cartoon videos to quickly explain their products and services. They are commonly referred to as “explainer videos” and done well they can have an enormous impact in the effectiveness of your online marketing.

Why do you think that Amazon sells far more drills than any hardware store in the world? It’s not because the people at Amazon know more about drills! It’s because with Amazon you know you can get the cheapest drill there is – fast. The benefits of shopping with Amazon are no synonymous with their brand no matter what you are buying.

With this in mind you must pick keywords that have adequate monthly search volume. It is worth looking at both related keywords and also what are known as long tail keywords.

Have them sign a waiver stating that they are prohibited from soliciting business from that client during the shoot and after the shoot date. Also, that if they are contacted directly by the client that they will ask them to contact you instead.

Get a Camcorder and go to work, practice at first till you get your technique perfected. If Video is as far as it is now trust me it will keep growing, this is no fad that will go away so you may as well tackle it head on. Plus it’s fun; Gurus are making Millions on Videos. Wannabes are trying to get you to by their products and many may be good, but I have found that in many instances it is info we already know.

If you do decide to let the professionals in, always visit a reputable animated explainer video that has experience in corporate work. Skylark Media Group offers a range of video styles from animation to drama to client testimonials. We work directly with companies wishing to create promotional video or alongside the learning and development department, helping to introduce video in a training programme.

Domestic video cameras can give you some good shots if you light it well. But if you’re going to make a video to impress, with rich images, depth of field and clear audio, my advice would be to employ a professional camera person who has their own high definition camera and professional sound recording equipment.

We can facilitate your planning. We have a short survey about the kind of video you want that you can fill in, or if you prefer we can take your brief over the phone and then send you the outline script for you to approve. It’s a really simple process that will give you confidence that you will get the video that you want.

Video Marketing For Lawyers – 19 Questions To Ask Your Video Production Company

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