Cataract Surgery: What To Expect

It took another four days for Vinay to retain the normal vision. The doctor prescribed three types of eye-drops and asked him to have the eye drops at least four times a day. As doctor insisted that he should refrain from watching television, reading books and working on the computer, Vinay felt bored. For the first two days it does not matter much. Most of the time, Vinay lied down with his eyes closed and did not strain his eyes. Once the redness of the eyes cleared, and the swelling on the eye-lids subsided, Vinay could not stay inside home. After his bath in the morning, Saranya helped him to medicate the eye with the eye-drops. He took rest with the eyes closed for a while.

One of the most common issues with cat eye health is conjunctivitis. This is an inflammation of the membranes that cover the inner lining of the lid and the white of the eye. Conjunctivitis can be a result of allergies or infections by viruses, bacteria, or fungus. One of the viral infections that will cause chronic recurrences is herpes. If the condition is caused by infection, it can be spread to other cats, so you should keep your cat away from others until you know what the cause is and can clear up infection. Infection can also occur if the cat has been in a fight or accident that caused an ulceration of the cornea. Most likely the vet will prescribe an ophthalmic ointment to treat infection.

As can be seen from the symptoms of cataracts, vision loss is not the first sign necessarily that a cataract is present. Vision in fact may well remain relatively clear for a while as the cataract starts off very small. This won’t last however, the cataract will spread across the eye and as it does so vision will become severely affected. If you notice any changes to your vision or experience any of the symptoms outlined above, it is a good idea to visit your local eye doctor. They will be able to carry out tests to determine if a cataract is present and outline options for treatment.

They should only be used when your eyes are extra dry or you may have an infection. If your eyes are constantly dry, be sure to blink more often. Blinking causes the natural lubricants to wash over the eyes and keep them clean and wet. Here is a tip about cataract eye drops ; most eye drops for cataract surgery stop working after the expiration date and can actually cause harm to your eyes if they are continuously used.

Do not, I repeat DO NOT pick, pop, squeeze, itch, scratch or TOUCH a pimple. This is the DUMBEST thing you can do, you could end up spreading the bacteria around your face and that one pimple can turn into 2-3 more! In addition you can end up with a pretty nasty scar so PLEASE DO NOT TOUCH PIMPLES!

Damage to the eye – Sometimes the eye lens capsule can be damaged by the foreign bodies entering the eye. This type of cataract that is called is termed as traumatic cataract. People working in glass furnaces and welders are the ones who are mostly affected by this type of cataract. This causes serious damage to the eyes.

Take 2 tsp Calendula flower petals in 1 cup water; boil it and cool it. Use this mixture as eyewash. To use it as a compressor soak it in cotton or cloth when it is warm.

Some aspects of beauty are a matter of debate, but others are universal standards. Take advantage of these tips, and add them to your regular beauty routine.

Cataract Surgery: What To Expect

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