Can Music Really Make Us Run Faster And Workout Better?

Choose an activity that you are interested in like walking, trekking, jogging, cycling or even an activity like writing. Anything that takes your mind away from the daily grind.

Here’s a place to start, try not watching the news for one week and in its place, watch something that makes you feel good. Listen to your favorite portugal photos. Immerse yourself in things that make you feel good. Think about things that make you feel good. In other words, be selfish! By doing this, you will notice a remarkable difference in how you feel…and that’s just the beginning! If you live with someone who is constantly negative, make the time to be by yourself, to find that good feeling place and dwell there for as long as you can. The more you do this, the easier it becomes.

The black notes on the line or spaces of the grand staff (g-clef and F-clef) represent the tones on your piano. The letter F, A, C and E falls on the four spaces of the G clef of the grand staff (the upper 5 lines) and in that order. F occupies the first space at the bottom and E occupies the last space at the top. So we have F for the fa note, A for the La note, C for do and E for mi. Now the phrase “every good boy does fine” falls on the lines. The first line is E or as was said earlier the note mi, G is sol, B is ti; D is re and F is again fa. So your basic do-re-mi-fa-sol-la-ti notes are the tones C-D-E-F-G-A-B in order.

There are a few things I’ve learned from observations and experiencing this year and I’m glad to share them with you today. Who knows, they may give you a shortcut for your journey to obtain the success you’re seeking…

Learn how to breath. Breathing deeply and letting stress ebb away can be done anywhere – at home, in the car, at the office etc. Inhale deeply and slowly in through your nose until your lungs are full and then exhale slowly blowing out through your mouth. Repeat this 5 or 6 times and you will feel the difference afterwards.

Think about the way you feel when you listen to a really uplifting piece of music. Think about the way you feel when you see something really beautiful. Think about how you felt the last time you laughed until you cried. Instant, unadulterated happiness.

Dave: And a bunch of shows coming up. We’ll be doing the Maritimes with The Creepshow, then going down to Boston and New York, but nothing has been confirmed yet. We’re just taking it easy.

So if you’re looking for a high-energy show, where genre isn’t an issue, check out a Hypnophonics show. Just don’t be too surprised to find some hidden pop influences in the songs.

Can Music Really Make Us Run Faster And Workout Better?

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